How to combine gray, red and black in the attic for a teenager?

How to combine gray, red and black in the attic for a teenager?

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Question from Eric:

<< Bonjour, je souhaiterais avoir avec des conseils sur les associations de couleurs murales pour les combles de ma fille de 15 ans. Il y a un coin nuit et un coin séjour. Elle me parle de gris , de rouge ou de noir. Quelles seraient vos idées pour mettre en valeur ces pièces à vivre ? Merci. >>

Answer: avoid darkening the room

Hello Eric, the eaves are by definition narrow, low ceilings and certainly a little dark in places. Therefore I do not recommend that you choose dark shades for your daughter's room. Stay on a combination of red and gray and eliminate black or keep it for some decoration accessories! Paint all the walls in very light gray on the night side. For the living area, you can paint a section of wall not too bright red. Red, even if it is warm, excites and is therefore not necessarily recommended for a space dedicated mainly to rest. On the living room side, install poufs in multicolored fabrics so that your daughter can receive her friends, read and work comfortably. You too, send us your decoration question


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