What color in a studio with a pink sofa?

What color in a studio with a pink sofa?

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Question from Virginia:

Hello, I would like to know which paint would go best in my 18 m² studio. My sofa is pink and my curtains are black. My apartment is in the attic. I have 3 windows on each side (a small wall separates them). In one corner, I have a beige cloth wardrobe, a chocolate chest of drawers, a desktop computer and purple curtains. The other corner is my living room with a pink sofa bed, black curtains, a coffee table with white poufs, a television and a TV stand. The windowsills and windows are currently painted green! What color do you recommend? Thank you.

Answer: opt for sober walls

Hello Virginia, you already have a certain number of colors in your studio, that's why, I advise you to opt for sober and neutral walls. Repaint the walls in a slightly colored white to prevent it from being too sharp. At home, a white lightly tinted with red would be ideal since you have pink, purple and chocolate brown elements. All color editors have a wide variety of whites. You too, send us your decoration question