Landscape advice: a garden of scents

Landscape advice: a garden of scents

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What a joy to smell delicate floral scents when entering your garden! Depending on the season and the time of day, certain varieties offer an infinity of olfactory pleasures, which transforms the walk into a true sensory experience. By subtly mixing the most fragrant plants and shrubs, you will make your garden a place of relaxation and well-being throughout the year ...

How to arrange a fragrant garden?

In this garden of scents, a wisteria from China runs on the facade and perfumes the air with a delicate perfume from May. On the windowsill, planters are home to mints and aromatic plants that scent the interior of the house when the windows are open. Very present, lavender gives the impression of being on vacation in the South, just by closing your eyes! Once dried, its flowers are harvested to scent the laundry. In the massifs and along the green wooden trellis, lilies, peonies, honeysuckle, shrubby cloves, viburnums of Carles and daphneas perfume the air each in turn, throughout the seasons. Old roses bloom in the pots and can be cut to make bouquets. Finally, a four-season mimosa, a syringe, a lilac or a magnolia planted at the bottom of the garden will undoubtedly delight the most demanding noses…

The landscaper's advice

On the terrace of red bricks or pink tiles, several spaces have not been covered for planting perennials and aromatic plants. At the edge of a massif, fragrant plants like thyme give off their fragrance when they are rubbed or touched.

The accessories

Pots and planters Slate or dark gray resin containers enhance the colors of flowers and foliage. Around 30 € for a small pot.
Garden furniture To accentuate the romantic and feminine spirit of the garden, fuchsia pink garden furniture is ideal. Otherwise, a white wooden bench or a wrought iron garden furniture will look great. From 150 €.
The garden basket Suspended from a resistant mimosa, the carrycot invites you to relax and meditate in this space entirely dedicated to sensory well-being. Around 300 €.


Hedge Perfumed and unscented viburnum, variable-leaf osmanthus, Mexican orange, syringe.
Aromatic plants Pelargonium with fragrant leaves, thyme thyme, peppermint, Corsican mint, sagebrush, golden oregano.
Fragrant flowering plants Common lavender, butterfly lavender, peony, shrubby clove, honeysuckle, Chinese wisteria, four season mimosa, lavender, shrubby and climbing English rose, fragrant daphne, carles viburnum, oriental lily…
Other plants Angel hair, variegated lay.

Estimated budget

The budget for landscaping a garden depends on several criteria: surface area, site preparation, choice of materials and varieties, number of trees… Count around € 1000 for accessories, ask for a quote for the creation of the terrace and add 50 € per square meter to get an idea of ​​the price of this garden. Our practical garden videos