Capsule or pod coffee machine: choose your side

Capsule or pod coffee machine: choose your side

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When you want to buy a coffee machine, you can quickly find yourself lost in the multitude of offers that the market offers. To help you see a little more clearly, here is some information which will already allow you to find your camp among the coffee pod machines and those with capsule.

What you should know about capsule coffee machines

If you like espresso in the Italian sense, that is to say a tight coffee, it is undoubtedly towards the capsule machine that you should turn to. Indeed, these are really studied to preserve the aroma of coffee, have a fairly short brewing time which allows to obtain a coffee with character and a pressure high enough to claim espresso. This is particularly the case with Nespresso coffee machines and their aluminum capsules that can only be found in the brand's boutiques, but also Dolce Gusto machines which have the advantage of being able to make hot chocolate or even tea with capsules for sale in supermarkets. Ecologically speaking, it should be noted that these capsules require special recycling. With a Nespresso, you can for example drop your used capsules in the shop.

What you should know about coffee pod machines

The big difference with capsule coffee machines is first of all the pressure which does not exceed 5 bars and does not allow the result to be called an espresso in the strict sense of the term. In terms of taste, the difference is also visible because the coffee will be lighter and more suitable for lovers of filter coffee. In addition, machines with flexible pods like the Senseo or the Tassimo also offer hot drinks like chocolate or cappuccino. These pods are on sale in supermarkets and will have the advantage of being able to be integrated into the compost. Our practical cooking videos