How to decorate the toilet when it is in the bathroom?

How to decorate the toilet when it is in the bathroom?

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Sometimes the bathroom is not separated from the bathroom. These two spaces must therefore be brought together in the greatest possible harmony. But how do you decorate the toilet when it is in the bathroom? Here are some ideas and tips to use at home!

Discreet or highlighted toilets

There are two ways to decorate your toilet in the bathroom. Either you will decide to take the advantage of blending them into the decor so that they become discreet or, on the contrary, you will enhance them to visually create two spaces. Anyway, we will have to think about the decor.

Harmonious toilets in the bathroom

If you want your toilets to be as discreet as possible, you will have to apply the decorative style of your bathroom to them. The idea is to make some decorative reminders so that the two spaces merge into one. For example, you can opt for a flap that will take the material or the color of your vanity unit. For a natural style, we can choose wood and if your vanity unit is more design and black, you will choose the same for your seat. Similarly, try to choose toilet accessories (toilet brush, paper dispenser) in the same range as your soap dispenser for example.

A delimited space

On the contrary, if you prefer to delimit the spaces visually, know that you will have to remain subtle all the same in order to keep an overall harmony. For this, stay in the same style but play with the nuances. In terms of colors, this will translate, for example, into the choice of a shades of basin / flap cabinet colors rather than an identical color. Then think of some decorative tips that can define the space of the toilets. For example, play with photo frames that you multiply to materialize the WC corner or create a delimitation with a wide strip of masking tape. Our practical toilet videos


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