Meeting with Soline d'Aboville, designer scenographer

Meeting with Soline d'Aboville, designer scenographer

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Trained designer, scenographer and specialist in the creation of shop windows, Soline d'Aboville works worldwide for Vuitton, Baccarat, Chanel, Hennessy. She answered a few questions to share her experience and some advice.

Tell us about your background

Trained in design at the ENSAD (Arts Déco), I discovered the art of the showcase for the house of Cartier at the ABC Workshops. It was then that I was recruited by Louis Vuitton where I designed for 5 years the decorations of the shop windows, learned to manage a network of shops and discovered visual merchandising more generally. After a year spent at Dior Couture, I decided to set up my agency: today I work as well on shop windows as on the development of experiences specific to each of the brands that solicit me.

What is the difference between decorating an interior and a display case?

Working on an exhibition or the layout of an interior allows a complete immersion in space which involves the management of the body in space. The showcase remains remote. It is a setting that we see a bit like a theater stage without entering.

What is the ideal recipe for a scenography?

The ideal recipe for a scenography is a good understanding of the client's wishes and constraints, a strong idea and of craftsmen commensurate with the project.

How do you find inspiration for each brand?

It is through listening and watching that I find the benchmarks necessary to invent something unique. It is in everyday life, in contemporary art, in live performance that I find creative inspirations.

What advice would you give to create an ephemeral decor at home for an event (birthday, party ...)?

Make the event coherent by not hesitating to have fun in choosing a theme! Put yourself on stage as well in terms of decoration, dishes, food as clothing or hairstyle… Our practical table decoration videos