Video: how to repair a sewing machine?

Video: how to repair a sewing machine?

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The thread of your machine is tangled under the plate and you do not know how to remedy this situation? Would you like to know how to fix a sewing machine jam? Laurent Lachèze, co-founder of "Coils and Combines", explains how to repair a sewing machine.

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Access the bobbin

The thread that gets tangled inside the bobbin, under the plate, is a common problem when using a sewing machine: this is called stuffing. To repair the sewing machine, first unscrew the plate using the screwdriver provided by the manufacturer of your machine. Remove the plate by cutting the wire if necessary. You then access the bobbin.

Repair the sewing machine

To repair the jam, remove the bobbin case and the bobbin. Cut all the threads to free the bobbin and its case. Once you have removed the wires, take advantage of the opening of the plate to clean the inside of the machine. Blow and then remove the dust using a brush.

Finalize the repair

When you are finished, replace the bobbin case. Screw the plate firmly, so that it does not move during sewing. Then place your can counter-clockwise. Pass the bobbin thread to the correct location, and then test the machine. Following Laurent Lachèze's explanations, you will find in a few minutes a functional and clean sewing machine. Watch the video How to repair a sewing machine? on Produced by Minute Facile.