Book: "Create a Mediterranean style garden without watering"

Book: "Create a Mediterranean style garden without watering"

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The advantage of a Mediterranean garden is that it consumes little water. It is still necessary to choose the varieties of plants and the arrangements adapted to your land. Thanks to Jean-Jacques Derboux, discover twenty styles of Mediterranean gardens to reproduce at home.

A garden without watering: a false contradiction

Do you live in the Mediterranean basin and want to take advantage of local plant varieties to beautify your garden? Do you live in another region but want to infuse a Mediterranean style into your exterior? But all without harming the environment? Thanks to the advice of Jean-Jacques Derboux, landscaper specializing in natural gardens, design a Mediterranean-style garden without watering. Indeed, the irrigation of your crops is a crucial question, both economically and ecologically. The book therefore presents many plants that require little or no water at all, suitable for your garden. Finally, the book puts down the received idea that a garden without watering necessarily passes through a very mineral space.

Advice tailored to your terrain and your desires

In Create a Mediterranean style garden without watering , twenty spaces are presented to you. You will necessarily find recommendations specific to your site; that your soil is more or less clay, that it is subject to a certain relief, that it is bordered by the city or the forest, etc. The book also responds to your needs and wants. Design a space to relax, entertain or play. Give your garden a Zen, romantic or wild atmosphere. Take advantage of Jean-Jacques Derboux's advice to properly install and maintain your garden plants and soil. Before embarking on the work, find inspiration among the many photos taken by Béatrice Pichon-Clarisse, who specializes in reporting on the gardens. Each space is photographed before and after the developments, enough to give you an idea of ​​the potential of your land. Create a Mediterranean style garden without watering , by Jean-Jacques Derboux Éditions Ulmer 168 pages, € 26. Find out more: Visit the Éditions Ulmer website All our Doctor Plants videos


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