Video: modeling lessons for beginners

Video: modeling lessons for beginners

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Have you always wanted to learn how to model the earth, but never dared to get started? Marc-Antoine, sculptor, explains how to make a terracotta apple, a simple modeling requiring very few tools.

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Make the basis of the modeling

To make a terracotta apple, you can rely on a real fruit. Start by forming a ball the size of a tangerine made of newspaper. Do not over-tighten the newspaper, but secure the shape with tape. Then apply soil, in small pieces. Adhere the soil to the newspaper by pressing with your thumb and take care to amalgamate the different pieces well by working the soil. If the apple is too small, add a thick layer of soil. Smooth it all using an estèque.

Shape the shape of the apple

When your base is finished, make a hole in the apple using a wooden tool. Mark slight cracks from the hole in an odd number. Work these cracks in circles to form the base of the apple. Opposite this hole, dig a second one, which you widen with the wooden stick. Smooth everything with your finger, possibly wetting your shoot. Make a hole to let the air escape during cooking. Let it dry. Form the flower in the ground. Cook everything for about 8 hours, and let cool for as long. Add a wire, possibly rusted for a more realistic effect, to create the tail. Thanks to Marc-Antoine, modeling is at your fingertips! Find the video Beginners modeling course on Produced by Minute Facile.