Interior landscaping with Ambius

Interior landscaping with Ambius

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Who said that landscaping was necessarily a garden story? Certainly not Ambius who made interior landscaping his specialty. Discover this discipline with Stéphane Guisard, designer for Ambius.

Tell us about Ambius, what is it?

Ambius creates atmosphere in workplaces and spaces welcoming customers. We specialize in indoor and outdoor landscaping, the dissemination and creation of an olfactory or artistic atmosphere. Our services dedicated to companies, hotels and public places, make it possible to bring each place to life by making it unique, welcoming and warm. We therefore participate in improving the well-being of customers, visitors and employees.

What is interior landscaping?

Interior landscaping is the art of designing and maintaining a plant decor by integrating nature into closed spaces. We carry out projects of different sizes such as: - the establishment of a beautiful green plant on a reception place - the complete development of a large interior patio according to a Mediterranean, Japanese, graphic theme… - separation workspaces and creating stimulating environments - creating lush surroundings in a hotel lobby

What advice would you give for using the plants at home?

The first point is to respect the living conditions of plants. For this I advise to buy your plant from a professional (horticulturist or garden center) and choose your plant according to its environment, the brightness and the temperature of the room. You must choose the location according to the plant and not use a plant to "fill a corner" On the other hand, ask for advice for its maintenance especially on watering. Many plants die from excess water because you think that by pouring the end of a carafe "it will do him good".

What is the difference between your indoor and outdoor work?

The first step is to define the project with our client. Our audit allows us to know its orientations in terms of taste, style, desired effect, desired results and of course the budget devoted to this operation. We also analyze the constraints of the place, the axes of passage, the perspectives, the materials present ... For an interior landscaping, we create an atmosphere in harmony with the decoration of the places. These arrangements are often in "above ground" containers, so we offer a choice of containers of different shapes, materials, colors depending on the space and constraints of the location. Outdoor landscaping requires a similar approach. The achievements of green spaces are often in the ground, the creation relates to the choice of atmospheres according to the defined orientations, the existing spaces and plantations. The plantations can be structured (pruned topiaries, regular flowerbeds) or, on the contrary, very natural for a rural aspect with free, wild looks, enriching biodiversity. It is very interesting to design a global interior and exterior landscaping, the goal is to create a link between the two universes. For example, it is advisable to position an indoor plant, in the foreground of a bay window overlooking a garden or a terrace. In this case, the two universes come together for an "Indoor / Outdoor" effect and allow visual fluidity between the two spaces.

What public space where you intervened can we visit?

Meet at the SNCF Gare d'Austerlitz sales area or at Paris-Orly airport in the new departure lounge at Orly Sud.


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