Video: create a paper lantern

Video: create a paper lantern

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In order to embellish your summer evenings, Julien Navas invites you to learn how to make a stencil to create paper lanterns. Thanks to this very simple creation, you will obtain an absolutely magical effect.

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Create a paper lantern: prepare the work

Before you start creating a paper lantern, you need to gather your materials. For this exercise, you will need a candle to light your future paper lantern, a news item: 739781 cutter, rigid sheets of Bristol paper, and paint. Your lantern can be painted with a brush, but prefer spray painting, much faster. Here, Julien Navas suggests that you use star-shaped patterns, but you can choose whatever comes to mind.

Create a paper lantern: step by step

First, you need to create your stencil. This technique will allow you to make dozens of lanterns if you wish. Take your sheet of paper, and draw your designs on it. You just have to cut them at the news: 739781 cutter. Remember to protect your table with a cardboard, so as not to damage it with the blade. Then, with your stencil, reproduce your patterns on a paper sheet using paint. Wait for everything to dry, then wrap the sheet before taping it from the inside. All you have to do is put down your candle and light it. Thanks to Julien Navas, you will get an original and colorful paper lantern. Watch the video Create a paper lantern on Produced by Minute Facile.