Video: a Christmas tree decor for a traditional Christmas

Video: a Christmas tree decor for a traditional Christmas

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This year, the trend is to return the traditional for Christmas with red and white as essential colors. Discover in pictures the tips for a traditional Christmas tree. First of all before you start setting up the subjects and other decoration balls, think about hanging a light garland. A Christmas tree must be festive and alive. The soft LED lights will give relief to your tree, giving it> the magic of the holidays. For the choice of decorations to hang there are no obligations. However, you will have to respect certain recommendations so that your tree is as harmonious as possible. So be sure to follow the color code - for a traditional Christmas we put on red and white. Also remember to vary the material of the subjects for a nice effect on your tree. As the theme of this year is the return to traditions, favor decoration with a retro tendency to give more cachet to the decor. Thinking about the decor of the fir tree is good, but don't forget what it around your tree: on the sides and at the foot of the tree ... It is very nice to match the decor of the tree with the rest of the room. video id = "0" /


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