3 mineral trends to adopt in the bathroom

3 mineral trends to adopt in the bathroom

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In the bathroom, materials of character are sure to appeal. We do not hesitate to put the stone in the spotlight for a decor that is both raw and elegant. Here are some trendy ideas for using stone in the bathroom.

Stone coverings

To give a mineral atmosphere to your bathroom, you can of course use coatings. First, be aware that some tiles perfectly imitate stone while lending itself well to this pond. And for the walls, we can adopt facing stones that will cover the walls and give them character. Color, size of stones and laying pattern, you can choose almost everything.

A stone basin

To plant your decor of mineral inspiration, you will find many steamers who use stone as materials. Some have designer and refined forms and are dressed in black stone, others on the contrary play the raw card with basins dug for a very natural atmosphere. It's up to you to choose your side! Keep in mind that with dark stone you will get a masculine and rather designer decor and that if you opt for white stone, the spirit will be more traditional.

Stone accessories to refine the decor

Finally, if you want to adopt the mineral trend with touches, you can always count on accessories. You will then find soap dispensers, pots for toothbrushes but also WC accessories that take on the look of stone for a decor that is both design and nature. Our practical bathroom videos