Create a tree at a low price

Create a tree at a low price

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Because a large natural tree often costs a small sum, we suggest you to trick and create your own tree at low cost with a few tips. A little creativity and voila!

A masking tape tree

The masking tape is your decorative ally to transform your interior for ephemeral decorations. Thanks to this easy to use adhesive, you will be able to invest your walls to create a tree. Choose your colors and trace the contours of the tree using the adhesive. Then, you can stick masking tape to make balls or even tape real balls directly on your wall to give relief to your wall tree. Cost of the operation: around 5 euros per roll of masking tape.

A fir tree in a shoebox

Why not play the originality card and create a reclaimed tree? It is possible by using shoe boxes that you can collect in large specialized stores if you do not have enough. Then simply paint the boxes in the colors of your choice and stack them to create a pyramid. You need help ? show you the technique on video!

A fir tree with paper plates

The plates on the wall are ultra-trendy so why not imagine a Christmas tree made with cardboard plates? You just need to buy silver or gold cardboard plates for example, in different shapes and sizes. Then, arrange a row of plates at the bottom of the wall and go back up by creating a pyramid like a fir tree. You will get a tree in no time! Our practical Christmas decoration videos