Sheers also work in winter

Sheers also work in winter

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In winter, we usually prefer to choose thick curtains to seal the windows and create a cocooning atmosphere, but be aware that the sheer curtains are also a good solution to maximize the brightness. Discover our tips for dressing your windows.

Why choose curtains?

Although lighter and therefore less insulating, sheer curtains will be a good idea, especially if you live in a sunny region because the light will penetrate your interior better. Ideally, you can therefore opt for curtains that let in light during the day and for thicker curtains at night for a more pampering atmosphere. A perfect duo which offers you a tailor-made decor.

Which curtains to choose?

Even if you opt for net curtains in winter, these will not be the same as in summer. Indeed, you will prefer lighter models than summer by opting for example for a very fine linen which will allow the light to pass through while dressing the windows a little more. In terms of colors, you will therefore choose curtains in harmony with your double curtains. Do not hesitate to bet on white or very light colors which will maximize the brightness and which will go rather easily with the rest of the house. Furthermore, why not opt ​​for small graphic patterns that will energize the decor? Unless you prefer patterns on the theme of winter for a cocooning decor anyway. It's up to you! Create curtains for summer and winter Our practical decoration videos