What colors to choose to compensate for the lack of light?

What colors to choose to compensate for the lack of light?

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Natural light has a direct impact on health and morale as it is necessary for maintaining one's biological rhythms. When the light is sorely lacking, you might as well use subterfuges to make the house brighter. In other words, whatever the room of the house, to keep fit and morale, it is better to choose the right colors. Walls, ceilings, curtains, bed linen, decorative items and rugs play the metamorphosis card.

Against lack of light, change the color of walls, floors and ceilings

To make the brightness more abundant in all rooms of the house, paint, wallpaper, wall fabric, earthenware, tiles, carpet and parquet go from dark to light. White, of course, but also off-white, linen beige and pearl gray perfectly reflect daylight, unlike dark colors. However, beware of excess! Choosing a glossy white paint for the walls may dazzle at certain times of the day. It would be a shame to have to keep the shutters closed to protect yourself from a blinding light! On the other hand, we put a brilliant white on the ceiling so that the light can be perfectly reflected.

Make a blind room bright

Do you have a very narrow, unwelcoming corridor with no opening to the outside? Playing with white and a cool color like blue can visually enlarge a cramped space. Ditto for the blind dressing room, toilet and bathroom. But to compensate for the lack of light in these dark parts of the house, day and night, changing the color of the walls is not enough. Installing a glass partition for example allows light to pass through from the next room. In the master bedroom, a glass wall can separate the bedroom from the dressing room. Opaque glass bricks between the bedroom and the bathroom will preserve your privacy.

Make a kitchen and a living room more bright

Again, if the openings to the outside are not sufficient or if an obstacle like a huge tree prevents light from entering the house, it is essential to review the whole decoration unless cutting the tree (a not very ecological decision). It is therefore necessary to put bright colors on the walls, ceiling and floor, to opt for suitable and diffuse lighting rather than for a ceiling lamp. The walls can be brightened up in a light and warm color like a straw yellow or a green full of freshness and we reserve pure white for the ceiling. If you opt for walls of different colors, be careful to put the lightest color on the wall opposite the window to optimize the brightness. Lighting, cushions and various objects in bright color bring pep just like red, blue or anthracite elements of the kitchen. Finally the transparent and colored sheers must replace the heavy dark fabrics.

The mirror: an essential element for optimal brightness

To diffuse more light in a room, the mirror is perfect. Especially if the windows are small. It is not always possible to install a bay window or a skylight to bring natural light into your home. We can therefore use and abuse mirrors so that they reflect the light coming from outside.