My neon is buzzing. Why ? How to eliminate this noise?

My neon is buzzing. Why ? How to eliminate this noise?

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Answer: magnetic ballasts are known for their buzzing, they must be replaced by electronic ballasts.

The old neon lights were fitted with magnetic ballasts, known to cause flashing and buzzing. These days there are electronic ballasts which on the one hand consume much less energy (20% to 30% less), and which on the other hand allow to eliminate all these irritating problems. To eliminate noise, simply change the ballast. To do this, cut the power, remove the fluorescent tubes and the neon lamp box, because the ballast is inside (this is the black box). And finally, replace it with the new model. The noise should disappear, however, if you are looking for ease, you might as well change the entire neon light, in order to have a more efficient, economical and recent technology. video id = "0" / Our practical DIY videos