A hard drive artwork for your office

A hard drive artwork for your office

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It's not always easy to combine office accessories and aesthetics! LaCie and Christofle addresses this problem by providing a hard drive to act as a work of art in your office. We tell you more before the item is even available for sale.

A new perspective for office accessories

Because office accessories above all require technological performance, their design is often left in the background. Thus, we prefer to hide hard drives and other computer accessories rather than exposing them on the desktop. LaCie then partnered with Christofle to create an object that made a strong impression and which combines the luxurious heritage of Christofle with the latest technological advances. Result: a hard drive that we are proud to exhibit.

A true work of art

The LaCie Sphere is therefore a hard drive encased in a spherical casing of silver metal by hand. Its spherical shape thus requires meticulous plating which requires all the know-how of the goldsmith workshops of Christofle, located in Normandy. The object will be installed on the desk and it will be difficult to guess that the sphere is something other than a precious decorative accessory. On the technology side, this hard drive has a capacity of 1 TB with a USB 3.0 connection which ensures good performance. But beauty and technology come at a price and you will have to pay 390 euros to buy this jewel. //www.lacie.com/fr/shop/


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