Heating: what are the differences between an insert and a wood stove?

Heating: what are the differences between an insert and a wood stove?

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Energy performance

Insert and stoves allow you to heat with wood. They now offer the same energy performance. However, depending on the models, their energy efficiency, their power, their size and installation vary considerably. These are essential selection criteria. In order not to be mistaken, it is important to determine the volume to be heated. And if you just want to acquire a auxiliary heating for the simplified installation, we can prefer the bioethanol stove, a heater a little different from the insert and the wood stove.

The insert

The insert, including the home is closed with a glass door, can be built into a existing chimney. Although fairly easy to achieve, this installation requires the services of a professional. The wood insert, granules or plates therefore makes it possible to reuse a chimney which no longer worked. It is therefore unnecessary to install a new smoke flue since it will be able to be connected to the existing conduit. To take advantage of the performance of an insert, it is more than advisable to choose a device with dimensions adjusted to the old chimney and to carefully check the ventilation. This will considerably limit the cold air inlets. Finally, the insert is second to none to enhance a wood fire : an important asset that provides additional comfort. It is available in many models, in very trendy colors perfectly harmonized with interior decoration whatever its style.

The wood stove

Amply democratized, the wood stove is much more than a auxiliary heating. Let him be logs or pellets (pellets), the stove is a decorative element in its own right, widely available in a palette of contemporary models and colors. But this is not its only asset. It is also compact, so very suitable for small areas, economical and high performance. A wood stove can now be the main source of heating of a whole house if it is coupled to radiators. It broadcasts a soft and comfortable warmth. Before deciding, you must still know that the log stove involves the installation of a smoke flue, unlike the pellet stove or pellet stove. Easy to maintain and simple to use, all wood stoves can incorporate a programmable system and automatic, and on some models you can also adjust the intensity of the flame.

The bioethanol stove

Far from being a device capable of heating an entire home, the bioethanol stove is very appreciated because it does not require neither flue nor sweeping. It does not release no smoke, East odorless, and does not produce neither dust nor ash. The bioethanol stove is powered by a fuel made from beet. It is therefore a auxiliary heating which respects the environment and which disseminates immediate heat since it is devoid of any exhaust duct. Aesthetically, the bioethanol stove should not be ashamed. Its design matches the most contemporary interior decorations, and its flames are much the same as those of a wood fire.