What to choose between a mixer and a mixer?

What to choose between a mixer and a mixer?

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Answer: the mixer for the kitchen, the mixer for the bathroom.

The mixer and the mixer have different advantages and disadvantages: the mixer has two control heads which determine the supply of hot and cold water. So you need both hands to use it. The mixer is therefore not necessarily the right solution in kitchens: if you are doing the dishes in your kitchen sink, it is still easier to be able to adjust the temperature with one hand. The mixer, on the other hand, is ideal for bathrooms because it allows the baths to be quickly filled. On the mixer, the control is unique, and the temperature is obtained more quickly, which is an advantage in terms of water saving. The mixer solution is therefore a priori more suitable for kitchens. But this choice is also a matter of personal convenience: it's up to you to test the two options and choose the one that suits you best.

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