Tutorial: making a braided headband

Tutorial: making a braided headband

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At the age of 22, Victoria is not afraid of anything! Cooking, fashion, books and DIY, his blog Vickie in the sky borrows from all styles! Today, it is knitting side that we find it for a nice and cozy headband tutorial.


To make this tutorial, you need: - a pair of news: 739775 knitting needles - 2 or 3 balls of wool - a current sewing needle: 739827 wool - patience and / or movies and series!


1. To start, crochet 14 stitches and continue in 1/1 rib for about 60 cm. At the end, your first tape is ready!
2. Repeat the same operation a second and a third time, you must obtain three strips of the same size (more or less).
3. Place your three strips side by side and start braiding them together.
4. Sew the two ends together to form a circle.


And There you go ! A cozy and trendy headband, perfect for those who do not like hats (those who wear buns will understand).
And in the current version: 737473 rice point:
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