Valentine's Day: make-your-own paper fortune cookies

Valentine's Day: make-your-own paper fortune cookies

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For Valentine's Day, we rely on DIY (do it yourself) to please your lover without breaking the bank. The editorial staff has unearthed homemade fortune cookies for you. A nice idea to declare your flame with small papers with sweet words.

An original idea to slip a word of love

Do you know fortune cookies? These are these small folded Chinese cookies that contain a quote or a prediction. For Valentine's Day, the site had the idea of ​​diverting this little pleasure to make a declaration of love. Here, no cake but a small decorative paper on which you will write a message before folding it up like a Chinese cookie. Your lover will then discover at the end of the meal little words like "I love you", "good for a kiss" or simply "Happy Valentine's Day" to surprise your chosen one.

Fortune love cookie: instructions for use

To please your lover, you just need to go to the site to download the print file for free to get the Valentine's Day designs and an explanatory tutorial to make the origami folding . The trick: to get the file, put the product in your basket and place an order by choosing a payment by check (which you will not send since the product is free). You will then receive everything by email to proceed to making. Download the file Our practical creative leisure videos


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