What wall for my shower?

What wall for my shower?

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The shower screen avoids transforming the bathroom into a swimming pool, its role being to avoid splashing water. It brings style and light to this wellness area. More aesthetic than a shower curtain, it is easy to maintain, poses without difficulty and is available in many models with various shapes, to adapt to the style of the bathroom. At an angle, fixed or not, with or without a door, the shower screen can be essential.

Fixed shower screen

Standard or tailor-made, the shower screen is available in many dimensions to perfectly adapt to all bathrooms, even small ones. On the design side, there too the choice is substantial since the shower screen can be transparent or smoked, in acrylic glass, anti-limescale glass, curved glass, with mirror effect on the outside or in transparent crystal and equipped with LEDs.

A wall for what form of shower?

Whether the shower is against a wall or at an angle, it can be fitted with one or more fixed shower screens. The shower against a wall has only one support surface. It allows three possible configurations, namely a front wall leaving free access on each side or two walls placed at an angle leaving an open access. It can also be completely framed with shower screens, the access can be closed by a shower door. For a shower installed in the corner of the bathroom and therefore supported by two walls, several possibilities are also possible. You can opt for a single wall, install a fixed panel to delimit the shower and add a door, or even complete partitioning with a corner door. Only the niche shower, embedded between three walls, cannot be fitted with a fixed wall. However, it can be closed by a shower door of any type.

Walk-in shower screen

With its sleek style, the walk-in shower is very fashionable. Its receiver has the particularity of being on one level. It is easy to equip with a shower screen. In most cases, a simple fixed wall is added to it to facilitate access. But many other models may just as well suit him.

Shower screen with door: what to choose?

If you want to obtain a fully enclosed shower rather than installing a simple fixed wall, it is necessary to add a door. Again the choice is interesting since the specialized stores offer hinged door, pivoting door, sliding door, door with folding panels. You should know that compared to a sliding door, the panel shower door offers a greater access width. For a small bathroom, the pivot door is better suited. It is compact while allowing a comfortable passage width since it opens both outwards and inwards. The sliding door does not offer a large access but has the advantage of taking up very little space. Indeed, it does not encroach on the outside. Finally, the swing door finds its place in large bathrooms. It is ideal because it offers a wide passage. Our practical bathroom decoration videos