How to choose a technical pool room?

How to choose a technical pool room?

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Answer: the size of a technical pool room depends on what you want to store there, and its positioning of the type of pool.

The technical room is very important when you have a swimming pool, which can greatly facilitate life. To choose it, several elements must be taken into account. You must know beforehand what you will store there. If you limit yourself to a filtration system, you will not need a large space. On the contrary, if you want to store the heat pumps, the electrical panel, the tarpaulins, you will need a room of a larger size. Another element to take into account: the positioning of the technical room. It can be above ground, semi-buried, buried, even integrated into the swimming pool or entirely designed separately. The choice is made according to your type of pool. Finally, the last point to take into consideration: the distance of the premises from the swimming pool. To guarantee its efficiency and avoid waste, the technical room must indeed be located ten meters from the pool. Maintain your pool Our practical DIY videos