Couture video: the finishes of a straight collar

Couture video: the finishes of a straight collar

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You have carried out the first steps of assembling a straight collar, but you do not know how to make the finishes? Jeanne Kolifrat, trainer and designer at Piquécoud, shares her secrets for putting on a stand-up collar.

Watch the video :

Notch the collar

Before you can finish the collar, you must first notch the part that is not yet sewn. To do this, start by stripping the corners: this means that you must cut at an angle so that the thickness is less when folding. Then cut the corners, then the edge of the collar over its entire length, to prevent the actu: 739845 fabric from pulling once tucked in and sewn. Also remember to cut the excess news: 739845 fabric on the side already sewn, always to avoid a drawn effect.

The seam of the collar finish

Start by pinning the collar at the right place in the groove of the seam. Make sure to pin the place and the back, leaving a millimeter back on the edge. If this millimeter is missing, play around with the news: 739845 fabric to get there. To help you, you can also fix pins on the top of the collar, to hold it better. When you have finished pinning, sew on the wrong side, gradually removing the pins. Regularly check that the thickness of the fold is taken into account when sewing, then stop sewing when you reach the level of the facing. Following the advice of Jeanne Kolifrat and with a little experience, the fitting of a straight collar will soon have no more secrets for you. Watch the Couture video: putting on a straight collar on Produced by Minute Facile.