Couture video: customize a tissue box

Couture video: customize a tissue box

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Teacher, you want to offer your students an original idea for Mother's Day? Would you simply like to offer a personalized gift? Marie, creator of the MyDream brand, explains how to personalize a tissue box by making a cover in the news: 739845 fabric.

Watch the video :

Create the base of the cover

To create a tissue box cover, you must first bring two pieces of fabric of the material of your choice. Cut each of these pieces identically: you must obtain a rectangle for each piece, two of the angles of which are cut into a rectangle. When you are done, tie the two pieces right sides together. Sew them together on the widest part, leaving about 15 cm free in the middle for the slot in the tissue box.

The cover finishes

Then turn the cover over to get it on the wrong side, fold the hem of the slit and sew. You can sew in a simple way or carry out an embroidery on the place. Then sew the edges of the box by assembling the angles of the actu: 739845 fabric. Hem the bottom of the cover. For a nice finish and so that the cover does not come off the box when you lift it, you can add two matching color ribbons, with which you will go around the box and which will be tied on the top of the cover . By following Marie's explanations, you will get a pretty tissue box cover to make an original gift. Watch the Couture video: customize a tissue box on Produced by Minute Facile.