Harvester: historic furniture

Harvester: historic furniture

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French-made Moissonnier furniture combines period styles with design. Original, inventive, avant-garde, the Moissonnier brand is a safe bet that is increasingly coveted. Each piece is a real work of art, both sassy and elegant. Refinement is pushed to its climax thanks to ancestral know-how. Successive collections in no way depart from their luxurious character.

Birth of a brand

It was very precisely on April 21, 1885 that the young Emile Moissonnier inaugurated the cabinetmaking workshop which he installed in his garden in Bourg-en-Bresse. The craftsman is far from thinking for a moment that his talents as a wood sculptor, painter and his know-how would still speak of his collections more than a century later. Thanks to his extraordinary skills, he will gradually train cabinetmakers also talented, and all will work unconditionally in compliance with the rules of the art. From the very first creations, Moissonnier gives each of his works an assertive character. The pieces are avant-garde while retaining some features of the past. Aesthetic, Moissonnier furniture bears witness to successive eras.

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French cabinetmaking

Emile Moissonnier is more than a cabinetmaker. He is a recognized artist, showing great inventiveness, and it is in the purest French tradition that he makes his furniture. He dares, on the verge of impertinence, to create totally unclassifiable pieces that mark the spirits. It surprises, confuses, but always seduces. He invents a real label recognizable among all. The Moissonnier piece of furniture is nothing other than an extraordinary jewel, as present as a perfume but much less ephemeral. We appreciate this traditional cabinetmaking work stamped Made in France. Little by little, the Moissonnier furniture was shipped to the Colonies and then to America. Today, and since 1976, the House is led by Jean-Lou Moissonnier - Emile's grandson, talented painter and fashion photographer passionate about antiques - and his wife Annie-Pierre - stylist. While retaining the tradition of French cabinetmaking, the couple has been able to breathe new life into current collections which are perfectly in line with the trend.

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Heritage furniture

Maison Moissonnier asserts its style. Jean-Lou and Annie-Pierre hunt around in flea markets, galleries, auction rooms and then customize period furniture to better reinvent it while retaining their original lines. Glamor takes hold of bookcases, dressers, consoles and other tables and buffets. Original patinas and Chinese lacquer give life to the furniture, some pieces are even covered with denim fabric. It blows like a wind of renewal on Louis XV dressers, Directoire consoles, Louis XVI tables thanks to the tones imagined by the Moissonnier couple. The cabinetmaker's furniture of the time takes on contemporary colors such as mauve, deep blue, orange or is adorned with patterns perfectly in tune with the times. Then it is aged, worm-eaten, dirty, scratched… Each Moissonnier piece of furniture tells a story.

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Haute Couture furniture

Let’s not be afraid: leaf gilding is always carried out, again in the rules of the art… The Maison Moissonnier is no exception to French tradition, a skill that can be found in glazes or polishing made with precision. The Moissonnier collections are like the Haute Couture collections: both exuberant and seductive, they are made up of very diverse pieces of furniture: sometimes extremely simple, sometimes richly decorated. An assertive style that makes the eyes of renowned architects and designers. Harvester, it is heritage furniture that is torn from the four corners of the world.

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