How to choose an aerothermal heat pump?

How to choose an aerothermal heat pump?

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Answer: an air-water heat pump if there is already an existing heater, an air-air heat pump to replace a radiant electric heater.

As its name suggests, the aerothermal heat pump draws heat from the air to produce either hot water, in this case we speak of air-water heat pump, or hot air, we then speak of Air-air heat pump. The air-water heat pump is recommended if the accommodation is already fitted with an existing heating system, the heat pump then being used to heat the water in the radiators. Hence a reduced initial cost, and a faster return on investment for this ecological solution. However, it is recommended to go through a professional so that the installation is up to standard. The air-air heat pump can replace a radiant electric heater. Its installation is simple (one split per piece) but it requires a VMC (it is not one!). In both cases, avoid low-end models if possible, and opt for a heat pump with a good coefficient of performance, you will make lasting savings in the long term. Sanding a parquet Our practical DIY videos