Video drawing: sketch in one minute

Video drawing: sketch in one minute

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Drawing lover, do you want to challenge yourself? Ladislaja, a drawing student, shows you how to make a sketch in just a minute. Between speed and research of the detail, you will have to find the right balance for your drawing.

Watch the video :

Sketch in a minute: simple… in theory

To show you how to make a sketch in just a minute, Ladislaja chose a model foot. This rather difficult pattern, which has many details, is indeed a good example for this type of exercise. In theory, a sketch should represent approximately all the details of the model. It is therefore necessary to successfully grasp the entire image in order to transcribe all the elements, but very quickly.

Sketch in a minute: from theory to practice

In this video, you can see Ladislaja making a sketch in one minute in real time, and admire her way of placing the lines. In order to obtain a satisfactory result, you must start by laying out the contours quickly, before throwing in some details, such as the ankle. If you still have time, you can also draw a slightly more detailed line for the contour of the foot. For the sketch in one minute, do not hesitate to throw on your sheet of the fast lines which let guess the shape which you wish to carry out. Ladislaja's techniques and advice will soon bear fruit in your sketchbook. Watch the Drawing video: make a sketch in one minute on Produced by Minute Facile.