I want a graphic interior

I want a graphic interior

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Graphic decoration, inspired by the 60s, has become very trendy in recent years. If it is not already done, it is sure to be adopted in 2014, playing on furniture with geometric shapes, retro accessories and prints. But above all, we dare to mix bright colors!

Geometric shapes

One of the bases of a successful graphic decoration is to choose furniture with pure geometric shapes. Whether round, square, rectangular or diamond, we do not hesitate to choose furniture that is out of the ordinary, both retro but always with modern materials. We choose for example a ball chair inspired by the sixties, a checkerboard or linear tiling, with a contrast of black and white for the living room or the bathroom. You can also bet on a mosaic, shelves or libraries unstructured and stackable to better play with the forms.

Photo credits: Leroy Merlin / Castorama You can also start painting your room by betting on graphic circles, on a superimposition of squares in the Mondrian style, or on parallel lines for a more personalized effect. You can also find stickers on the graphic theme, to stick in a bedroom, above a headboard, or in the living room above the sofa.

Printed accessories and patterns

If you are not yet ready to change the floors or repaint the walls of your apartment, then opt for graphic accessories. The brands offer a multitude of products with geometric shapes. You will find in particular in the household linen (duvet covers, cushions, towels ...), or on the side of the frames and tables, graphic mirrors, clocks ... Other allies of a graphic decoration: carpets and curtains with surprising patterns, which are perfectly associated with the colors of the room. Besides, if you choose to remain sober for the walls of your interior, you have carte blanche to dare the most graphic patterns and prints! Stripes, diamonds, checkerboards, circles, weights, you are spoiled for choice…

Photo credits: 3Suisses

We dare the bright colors

Without too much abuse, the graphic interior rhymes with psychedelic colors! If you find rugs or accessories that bring out a contrast of black and white, most items are associated with decorative touches in bright colors. We therefore opt without hesitation for red, orange, bright yellow, and touches of pink in its decor. Be careful though to associate the colors with the objects or the furniture chosen so as not to overload the room and keep a certain harmony. We therefore favor vibrant colors in its decoration, while retaining raw or light tones on walls and floors.
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