Couture video: put on a modern or old machine

Couture video: put on a modern or old machine

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To help aspiring seamstresses, Jeanne Kolifrat shows you, in this video, how to thread a sewing machine. Old and modern, the two models are presented to make your task easier.

Watch the video :

Threading an old sewing machine

To put on an old sewing machine, nothing could be simpler. Place the spool of thread on top of the machine, then immediately place the thread in the thread guide. Go down between the two discs of the tension block, then reassemble the thread to pass it behind the actu: 739825 hook and reassemble it in the tensioner. Lower the thread into the two lower thread guides, then pass it through the eye of the needle, being careful not to tie a knot. Then place the bobbin in the slot, and unwind counterclockwise. Take the top thread, and turn the steering wheel towards you to recover the loop.

Threading a modern sewing machine

There are no big differences between old and modern machines when it comes to threading. The main one remains the tension block which has become invisible on modern machines. In addition, modern sewing machines put numerous arrows to indicate which direction to place the thread. If the gestures are the same, work is simplified on the new machines. Thanks to Jeanne Kolifrat for this sewing class! Watch the video Putting on a machine: old or modern on Produced by Minute Facile.