My collection of plates to discover at Deshoulières

My collection of plates to discover at Deshoulières

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Today, I am very proud to share with you a project that I have been carrying out for a few months and which is finally emerging: my collection of Deshoulières plates that I imagined with my daughter Léa Dominguez, artist and photographer. A collection that is very close to my heart and which, I hope, will inspire you as much as I do.

A creative project

You may have noticed, at the moment many brands of contemporary tableware call on personalities to create collections of daring plates, some of which are real works of art like Bernardaud's, who notably called on Jeff Koons and David Lynch. So when the prestigious tableware brand Deshoulières asked me to imagine my own collection, I accepted with great pleasure. I knew right away that it would be a mother-daughter collaboration because I wanted Léa's works to be the motives for these exceptional plates. It is also the first time that we apply a photo work on plates which required a big technical work in order to apply the pictures on the porcelain and that the colors were successful. And rest assured, even if they are pieces of art, they are still dishwasher safe!

Plates for traveling

In this collection, you will therefore find flat plates, dessert plates and sweet treats that will make your table travel every day. A series of plates in blue and pastel tones will transport you on the Californian roads while another series more graphic and in stronger colors will make you take off for Japan and its mysteries. An invitation to travel to discover from the end of February in boutiques, at Deshoulières retailers and on