What seats for my dining room?

What seats for my dining room?

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In the dining room also the furniture must be decorative. Today, we are particularly interested in the chairs to be installed around the table. If we ask them above all to be comfortable, we also love them design and up to date. Discover our timeless favorites.

Wooden bistro chairs

Since the bistro decor is no longer confined to the local cafe, it is easily invited into the dining room. Around a pretty wooden table, we put on bistro-style chairs in dark wood. If on the contrary you want to bring a little color, bet more on a red model which goes very well with this type of atmosphere.

Transparent chairs

Very design and light, the transparent chairs take over the dining room. Today, they are a sure bet in terms of decoration thanks to their timeless look and their rather affordable price. They are ideal in a small space so as not to overload the atmosphere or with imposing furniture such as a large wooden table. In a very refined decor, we can also make them a small place around a glass table for example.

Scandinavian retro chairs

The retro look, very trendy in our interiors, finds its place in the dining room thanks to Nordic furniture. If you are advised to leave the formica in the kitchen, we strongly recommend that you adopt Tapiovaara style chairs of Scandinavian inspiration. Their large wooden bars give them an elegant and refined look that allows you to install them as well around a raw wood table as a table with a more modern design. Our practical decoration videos