What are fiber cement tiles?

What are fiber cement tiles?

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Answer: fiber cement tiles take advantage of locally found fibers to be more economical. They are linked to cement, water and sand.

The fiber cement tiles are designed using local fibers and cement. They are very resistant and light. Fiber cement tiles are less expensive than conventional tiles or sheet metal, since the material is more economical. This type of tiles is made with a vibrator and molds which can be of different sizes. The quality of the fibers is decisive for the solidity of the fiber cement tiles. The sand should be chosen with care, and worked for a long time with the fibers in small pieces, water and cement in the recommended proportions. After passing through the vibrator, the material must be placed on a plastic transfer sheet which must be changed regularly. The tiles should then be left in the molds for 12 hours to harden. The dried tiles must finally be immersed in water for a week in order to be consolidated.Build a green wall Our practical garden videos