Material focus: how to choose a pattern?

Material focus: how to choose a pattern?

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On the Internet, in shops or in magazines, a multitude of sewing patterns are available free of charge or for a few euros. A pattern is generally sold accompanied by essential indications such as the main measures and their sizes, the material necessary for the confection as well as the level of difficulty.

Choose the size of your boss

Most often, a boss is given with a standard size, but beware, it can be different from one brand to another and therefore, from boss to the other. You must always determine your chest measurement and your hip measurement which will be your reference measurements and then refer to the size chart supplied with your boss.

For beginners in sewing

If thousands of models of boss are accessible, do not set the bar too high from the start. To start, prefer the choice of a small boss serving the realization of a skirt without pockets or a t-shirt. In a second step, you will be able to carry out works of sewing more complicated, like a jacket.

The different forms of boss

There are two main forms of boss :
  • The boss in a pocket which is printed on tissue paper. Each piece of clothing is supplied in several sizes which can then be cut out. If it is practical to use, its disadvantage is that once cut, all other sizes are lost.
  • The boss to enlarge which allows, thanks to the enlargement technique, to grid the model in tiles of one centimeter by one centimeter to arrive at the desired size.
In conclusion, to choose your boss , you will have to take into account the size, your level in sewing and the format that works best for you.