Mistakes to Avoid in Renovating Your Kitchen

Mistakes to Avoid in Renovating Your Kitchen

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Renovating your kitchen requires thinking. We must at the same time take care to secure it, to make it functional, pleasant to live in and aesthetic. Beware of poor ventilation, too low or too high worktops, too small sink. Also be careful not to make it too confined, unwilling to store. So that the time spent in the kitchen every day is always a pleasure and especially not a chore, certain errors must really be avoided.

Mistake # 1: Neglecting kitchen ventilation

Ventilation is absolutely essential in the kitchen and the regulations in force are drastic in this regard. To neglect it is to prevent the proper evacuation of vapors and smoke, especially if the kitchen has no openings to the outside. If bottled gas or town gas is used, the risks of carbon monoxide emanation are extreme if ventilation is nonexistent. When fitting out the kitchen, it is therefore necessary to plan the installation of a good quality extractor hood and Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, more commonly called VMC. Certainly quite expensive, the double-flow VMC is strongly recommended.

Mistake 2: Worktops at the wrong height

If there is one key point to watch out for before setting up your kitchen, it is the height of the worktops. If they are too low, a tall person may suffer from lumbago and other back pain repeatedly. Too bad, because there is nothing like it to discourage the best of intentions. Similarly, too high worktops will not be suitable for a small person or for that matter a person with reduced mobility. This is a point to discuss with the kitchen specialist responsible for renovating the kitchen.

Mistake N ° 3: Opt for a very small closed kitchen

In current homes, whether it is an apartment or a house, the space reserved for the kitchen is unfortunately very often very (too) reduced. It is therefore essential to optimize the space to be able to have everything at hand without transforming your kitchen into shambles. Indeed, a room with a reduced surface area very quickly looks like a cluttered closet. To take pleasure in preparing meals, it may be necessary to knock down the partition that separates the kitchen from the living room. Opening up the space allows a real saving of space and more light.

Mistake # 4: Cluttering the center of the kitchen

Unless you benefit from a very generous surface area, a kitchen of less than 12 m² hardly justifies the installation of a central island. Indeed, the center of the kitchen must be reserved for passage and allow real mobility so that everyone can go about their business without being embarrassed. The central island is ideal in a generously sized kitchen or at the junction between the living room and the open kitchen. A small kitchen therefore requires that one remains fairly classic in the arrangement of the elements and the appliances.

Mistake N ° 5: A simple sink for passionate cooks

If the single bin kitchen sink may be enough in a student studio not very focused on the preparation of gourmet dishes, it may instead turn into a real inconvenience in a family kitchen. When designing the kitchen, you must therefore pay attention to the choice of sink, taking into account the needs of the hostess. Two bins and a large drainer bring real comfort. Our practical kitchen decoration videos