Little Greene: 3 classic patterns that we adopt as wallpaper

Little Greene: 3 classic patterns that we adopt as wallpaper

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It is not because we are in the 21st century that wallpapers with old patterns have no place in our interiors. On the contrary, classic patterns are making a comeback in decoration to bring it chic and elegance. Little Greene also offers a new collection that highlights the motifs of the 19th century for our greatest pleasure.

Little Greene's Revolution Papers Collection

As usual, Little Greene delves into old archives to create collections of wallpaper that are full of history. For "Revolution Papers", the brand found its inspiration in London and Paris, the main producers of wallpapers in Europe in the 18th century. At this time, the technical evolution is important which allows to offer complex patterns in many colors and in great lengths. Classic patterns that we adopt to give a refined touch to our interiors.

The traditional damask pattern

What we like with damask is the richness of its pattern which gives it a baroque air. If at the origin the damask is a textile, the motive of the latter is quickly freed from the fabric to be displayed on the wallpaper with success. And as is the case with textiles, the wallpaper then displays two textures, a matte paper and a more iridescent finish, which give depth to the whole. Note that the damask will be installed in all rooms: in the bedroom for a cozy atmosphere, in the entrance for a theatrical decor or in the living room for an elegant decor.

Photo credit: Little Greene

The Toile de Jouy spirit motif

The French Toile de Jouy from the end of the 18th century, and its rustic or antique scenes, is an essential classic motif. Mainly made in red or blue, the patterns are repeated so as to create a wallpaper that is both charged and refined. Appreciated therefore for its delicacy, this wallpaper will not fail to bring a note of romanticism to the room it dresses so that we will choose it especially in the bedroom. At Little Greene, we find the spirit of the Toile de Jouy in a modernized version with a motif dating from the 19th century which uses a monochrome print of a deer in the woods. Unquestionably the chic asset of a country house.

Photo credit: Little Greene

The timeless floral motif

Whether in garlands, foliage or bouquets, flower patterns have never really left our interiors since the 1700s when the Parisian house Réveillon produced classic wallpaper panels. Delicate and timeless, the flower motif finds its place in the house to give it a refreshing atmosphere that is particularly appreciated in the bedroom to give it a charming decor. Note that monochrome wallpapers will be more modern than realistically colored models. They can thus easily settle in an entrance hall or a living room. Now it's up to you to choose between a wallpaper entirely covered with flowers or a more airy panel style to give a classic chic atmosphere to your interior.
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