Video: make a cardboard pencil holder

Video: make a cardboard pencil holder

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By listening to the advice and good ideas of Patricia Cozic, cardboard expert, you will soon have a practical and very attractive cardboard pencil holder. All you have to do is follow all the steps.

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Making a pencil holder: the structure

For her pencil holder, Patricia Cozic chose an octagonal base. For this, you must draw, on a 2.5 mm thick gray cardboard, a rectangle of 10 x 30 cm, with lines every 5 cm. For the base, draw a circle with a radius of 5 cm, then on the perimeter, marks every 5 cm using a compass, which you join with a ruler and a pencil. Do the same for the base, but with a radius of 6 cm. It only remains to cut. Take your rectangle, and every 5 cm, make an incision at mid-height at the news: 739781 cutter to obtain a shape that folds well, and glue it.

Make a pencil holder: collage and dressing

Take your octagonal bottom and put vinyl glue on the edges, then push it into the end of your tube. Reinforce the perimeter with kraft, and fold down under the bottom. Do the same with all the edges of your pencil holder with 10 cm strips. For the external covering, take a 3 cm strip of imitation paper for the upper hat. Cut at each edge, and fold inside, every other side. Then dress the rest of the outside with a 250g bubble card. Your pencils now have a very aesthetic storage thanks to Patricia Cozic. Watch the video Making a cardboard pencil holder on Produced by Minute Facile.