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Achica or online decoration

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Thanks to the exclusive sales offered by Achica, high-end decoration becomes accessible. It is now possible to furnish and decorate your interior while fulfilling a desire for sophistication without necessarily breaking your bank. If up to then art of living and refinement held fantasy for a good number of lovers of beautiful objects, there is a good chance that they integrate many interiors, as desired by the founders of

Birth of a site

It was in 2010 that Achica took its first steps in Great Britain. The creators of this privileged space, Quentin Griffiths and William Cooper, wanted to put high-end decoration within everyone's reach, in other words to make it accessible at preferential prices. They wanted to allow as many consumers as possible to access prestigious products in order to integrate authentic objects and furniture into their daily lives.

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The founders of the site are surrounded by designers, decoration advisers to member internet users. They are also supported by highly specialized buyers, who have in-depth knowledge of decoration trends around the world. These sharp professionals work directly with the big brands they select themselves. Their objective is to select original articles, of great invoice, and absolutely in the trend.

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It is only online that Achica markets rigorously selected prestigious articles. Achica offers objects from major brands or renowned artists during so-called event sales to which members can access. The maximum duration of a sale is three days. A concept that has proven itself since it has allowed to be today in a good place on the European level and leader in England. These new-style shopping sessions are highly praised by a clientele passionate about beautiful objects and design items. The sophistication that is normally snatched up at gold prices, is obtained here at very moderate prices. This is how we could sum up the philosophy of this dynamic team.

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Decorative idea and diversity

The privileged space Achica gives pride of place to contemporary lighting, tableware, designer cushions and industrial furniture. But at the rhythm of the calendar of event sales, we can also buy online high-end linens for young and old or the carpet of our dreams, and some modern day accessories for the kitchen, bedroom or in the living room. Interior decoration holds no secrets for Achica, which offers its members emblematic, original and rare items. This site - which responds to a real demand - makes our mouths water and places interior decoration at the center of concerns. Everyone can draw from it an unlimited source of inspiration and original decor ideas, both in the field of interior and exterior design. Futuristic lines, beautiful materials, creations by artists, design and planning enthusiasts are sure to find on the diversity that suits them. With such a range of high-end items at affordable prices, addiction is a click away.

Photo credit: Achica