Video: make a ring with spring

Video: make a ring with spring

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Because we never have enough, Julien Navas shows you how to easily and quickly make an original piece of jewelry. In just a few minutes, you get a charming ring, only with a spring and a pearl.

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Make a spring ring: hardware check

For Julien Navas, there is nothing simpler than the manufacture of this spring ring. You only need a small spring and a pretty pearl for your new creation. Before you start, however, you must check that your equipment is working well. Start by stretching your spring, then make sure you can close it tightly, checking to see if the two ends are tangled properly. After verification, you can create.

Make a spring ring: step by step

First of all, slide your pearl into the spring. Make sure, when choosing your decoration, that the latter has a hole large enough to let the spring through. Then close the spring by threading its two ends. You thus obtain a very aesthetic ring, of which one does not even see the attachment. Be aware that there are several colors for the springs, you can harmonize them as you see fit. But do not try to paint them, it would not withstand your daily life. No more dull and unoriginal jewelry, thanks to Julien Navas! Watch the video Making a ring with a spring on Produced by Minute Facile.