Blanc d'Ivoire sublimates the linen

Blanc d'Ivoire sublimates the linen

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Blanc d'Ivoire offers furniture, decorative items and linens. Symbol of comfort, the brand symbolizes the Art of living. We love its colorful touches, its originality, its presence. This label stands out for the quality of its highly sublimated linen thanks to a real know-how and the passion of an entire team. Blanc d'Ivoire perfectly reflects the well-tempered personality, sensitivity and femininity of its creator, Monic Fischer.

Birth of a brand

Blanc d'Ivoire was born in 1994 from a woman's passion for fashion, travel and fine materials. Monic Fischer finds his inspiration in his memories, lets his love of colors show through in his creations. She likes to create warm and comfortable atmospheres capable of adapting to any interior whatever it is. She elegantly confronts styles, smoothly, as a fair mix of genres for greater universality. Monic Fischer is inhabited by a fiery embers: a character trait which is reflected as much in his furniture as in his fabrics and which will quickly impose the brand. Indeed, Blanc d'Ivoire will not wait for the number of years to know the success from which it has never departed since its creation.

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Blanc d'Ivoire, an art of living

20 years already, and Blanc d'Ivoire is renewed each season with femininity and elegance. Colorful and fun, each collection allows everyone to find their style. Blanc d'Ivoire brings accents from elsewhere, and its modernity meets current requirements. From decorative items to furniture and carpets, from tableware to linens, each room benefits from exceptional care.
Photo credit: Blanc d'Ivoire The bed linen is a real invitation to cocooning, designed in beautiful materials and available in current tones, from rosewood to white, putty to taupe and many other trendy colors , allowing to create perfect harmonies. The absolutely soft silk velvet cushion covers are sublimely coordinated with the bed linen. The generous white Ivory wool blankets allow you to snuggle up in the off season in a real cocoon. For the summer, cotton plaid and ethnic bed runner bring a touch of freshness to the interior decoration. And for the table, linen gives all its nobility to tablecloths, napkins and table runners. Blanc d'Ivoire is also an enchantment of children's textiles: sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and sleeping bags in tender colors. The quilting is done by hand on a fine quality cotton and testifies to an incomparable know-how of quilting.
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Ambiance creation

Blanc d'Ivoire has become a master in creating atmospheres. Such quality cannot leave indifferent and it must be admitted that this label has the distinction of sublimating the linen for everyday pleasure. Also, Blanc d'Ivoire is a favorite brand for individuals and professionals. We are therefore not surprised by its presence at the Salon Maison & Objets or in hotels around the world. Blanc d'Ivoire is unique. It allows you to create warm atmospheres, perfectly in tune with the times and where you feel good.
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