Design rocking chair at a low price

Design rocking chair at a low price

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Constantly reinvented, rocking chair has the ability to adapt to all situations and all rooms thanks to different styles. If he is the ally of your long winter evenings to read a book or chat by the fireside, know that he also knows how to be very useful in the summer to take the air near an open window or even in the garden. So don't wait any longer, treat yourself to a rocking chair without breaking the bank thanks to our low budget selection.

A traditional wooden model

The wooden rocking chair is no longer reserved for western cowboys, so we adopt it without further delay in its living room. Light in color, it can be combined with very designer furniture, without distorting the style. It obviously finds its place very well in a cozy interior. We also like it particularly associated with a white fabric sofa with a dark wooden model like black or dark gray.

Plastic or metal for a more design style

If you want a contemporary interior from A to Z, bet on a plastic rocking chair. There are many available in a multitude of colors inspired by the very famous RAR armchair by Charles Eames. You can also opt for a model with a metal frame and a sometimes surprising look.

And the garden?

With the arrival of sunny days, the rocking chair wants to settle on the terrace or in the shade of a cherry tree. To withstand bad weather, we of course choose a model intended to be installed outdoors. Our favorite: a very warm wooden model. Our practical decoration videos