Video: make a custom lampshade

Video: make a custom lampshade

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Thanks to Isabelle Galvagno's kit, creator of, you can get started in the manufacture of personalized lampshades. Color, texture, size… you can choose everything according to your desires.

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Making a lampshade: preparing the structure

In the Isabelle Galvagno lampshade kit, you will find all the material necessary for your realization. You just have to choose the news: 739845 fabric that will cover the object. Take the cut, and glue your news: 739845 fabric directly on it. Cut by providing a margin at the top, bottom and on the right side, to facilitate the finishes, and so that your creation is very clean. Glue on the right with the glue on a margin of 1.5 cm, fold and glue.

Making a lampshade: the finishes

Once your lampshade is glued, place clips at both ends, so that the glue takes on well and your object is very solid. Then place the bottom circle, and glue your news: 739845 fabric that protrudes above. Then do the same with the top circle. Remember to leave notches where necessary, before pasting your news: 739845 fabric. It only remains to place your lampshade on a lamp and admire the result obtained in light. Your interior is illuminated with the Isabelle Galvagno kit. Watch the video Make a personalized lampshade on Produced by Minute Facile.