How to protect yourself when performing electrical work?

How to protect yourself when performing electrical work?

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Answer: protect yourself with suitable equipment.

Inside a home, there are works that can be carried out without great protections, like the assembly of a piece of furniture in kit for example. Other work, however, requires taking certain precautions to avoid any risk of accidents. This is the case with electrical work. If you are required to carry out electrical work, the first thing to do is to assess your skills in this area before any intervention. Using a professional is sometimes the best protection against an electrical accident. If you feel able to solve the problem yourself, some equipment may be useful, such as a face shield to protect your eyes, or the essential set of insulating gloves to prevent the conduction of current. Accidents related to electrical work can range from a simple "blow of juice" to electrocution. Before any electrical intervention, it is strongly recommended to cut off the power completely. video id = "0" / Our practical nursery decor videos