Video: make a bracelet and attach it with a chain

Video: make a bracelet and attach it with a chain

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To embellish your wrist with simplicity and elegance, Julien Navas offers to teach you how to make a bracelet and its attachment using a basic chain. At work !

Watch the video :

Making a bracelet: preparing the material

If you want to make the Julien Navas chain bracelet, you will mainly need a chain that you like, a bracelet clip, small links and pliers. First, measure the length of chain you will need by placing it around your wrist, then cut. Close your eyes tightly when cutting, as pieces of metal can fly.

Making a bracelet: installing the closure

Here, Julien Navas offers you a very simple bracelet, without decoration. But if you wish, you can personalize the chain by adding pearls or rhinestones. Once your length is determined, you can place the fasteners. To do this, take a small link, and open it with pliers. Install it on the chain, place one of the parts of your fastener, then close the link. Perform the same operation at the other end of the bracelet, with the second part of the clip. Your wrist has gotten better thanks to the advice of Julien Navas. Watch the video Making a bracelet and its attachment with a chain on Produced by Minute Facile.