How to maintain a sander?

How to maintain a sander?

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Answer: Clean the sander after each use to remove dust.

To begin, the usual precautions. You cannot use a standard sander for plaster, as plaster dust is extremely fine and can damage the motor of the sander. You must use a specific and suitable sander. After each sanding session, it is necessary to clean the sander thoroughly, in order to remove all the sanding dust that would be insinuated into the device. First unplug the sander, then remove the abrasive and proceed to maintenance. For cleaning, the easiest way is to use a compressed air blower to dislodge the dust in the hard to reach corners. Or else, you can use the brush of a household vacuum cleaner. From time to time, it will be necessary to replace worn parts such as the sander plate, the motor coals, the belt or the sander battery.

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