Video: simply make a kirigami

Video: simply make a kirigami

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Specialist in paper and folding, Pauline Roche shows you here how to make a simple kirigami, before embarking on more complicated patterns.

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Make a kirigami: precut the template

Before you start, Pauline Roche advises you to buy a kirigami learning manual, in order to learn the basics of folding. Start by choosing a simple pattern, here a heart, and cut to the news: 739781 precision cutter the contours in solid lines of your drawing. Always keep the news: 739781 cutter horizontal, and always make straight lines. It's on paper to turn, not your news: 739781 cutter.

Make a kirigami: work on the finishes

Once your solid lines have been cut, fold the dotted lines. To do this, use a folder to mark the paper neatly and straight. Little by little, your motif is revealed to you. In order to obtain a contrasting and pretty card, stick a cover of another color behind your pattern. Once the basic drawings are well assimilated, you can start to embark on finer and more worked drawings, like foliage. To your papers! Watch the video Make a simple kirigami on Produced by Minute Facile.