Video: iron-on pants hem

Video: iron-on pants hem

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No more thread and needles! Trouser hems are now ironed in minutes. Céline Leridon, news specialist: 739845 fabric, here reveals all the secrets of the iron-on hem.

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Making a pants hem: preparing the garment

Forget your needles, and buy a fusible hem strip about 1 cm wide to work your pants. Start by taking the measurement on the model, and mark the hem with glass-headed pins, which are heat resistant. Then, with a ruler, add 4 cm, draw a line, and cut out. Turn your pants over, and turn the hem over.

Make a hem of pants: sticking of the fusible

Once your hem is folded, mark the fold with an iron without steam, at "cotton" temperature. Press and move lightly on both sides. Then remove your needles, and cut a fusible hem strip the width of your leg. For a news item: 739845 thick fabric, cut two strips. Slide the fusible tape into the hem, then apply your iron for 25 seconds. If this does not stick enough, iron the iron. Wait for the hem to cool down, do the same on the other side, then on the other leg. Your jeans can then be washed in the washing machine up to 40 ° C. Goodbye thread, needle, thimble ... Welcome to Céline Leridon's iron-on sticker. Find the video Make a pants hem on Produced by Minute Facile.