A wall-mounted magazine rack in my living room

A wall-mounted magazine rack in my living room

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The walls of the living room can now see further on the decorative side. Designer shelves, original frames and other mirrors are no longer the only ones to take over your partitions. Today we have to rely on wall-mounted magazine racks that know how to play it very design. So no more excuses, don't leave your magazines or newspapers hanging around the living room!

When storage is done

Change your traditional magazine racks installed next to the sofa by a wall-mounted magazine rack. In metal, it displays pure and simple lines, for a result full of charm and finesse when hung on the wall. You can then drop off your prettiest magazines or your latest newspapers there. The most beautiful covers take care of the decoration! We also like the transparent plastic versions that we install alone or with others depending on the space. Above the sofa, you can for example fix 4 or 5 online for a chic look or staggered to create an original decor.

Card holder way of the tobacconist

Also a favorite for magazine holders inspired by card holders from the tobacconist. Here, your books and magazines are displayed and create the decor on the wall. We therefore bet on elegant or singular ones so as to constitute a refined or offbeat decor. If you opt for this style of magazine rack, remember not to install it in a corner where it will not be visible to everyone. Next to the sofa or in the middle of a large wall, it assumes the role of centerpiece. We love ! Our practical creative leisure videos