Dress and decorate the feet of your trees

Dress and decorate the feet of your trees

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If you are at this level of detail, it is because your garden is already well done, congratulations! Here are some ways to decorate the feet of your trees and shrubs. In nature, at the foot of the trees, you can sometimes observe some flowers that unexpectedly grow, dead leaves, moss in places lacking in light (and rather humid) ... But in the garden, you can transform this circle of earth into elegant decoration. However, everything is not feasible and these are a few square meters of land difficult to develop ... It depends first on the silhouette of the tree, because at the foot of a large chestnut tree, a maple or a imposing ailanthus, nothing will grow! On the other hand, if the tree is rather thin (or if you prune the lower branches to let the light through), then planting greenery or flowers may be possible.


This solution is only possible if there is sufficient light… indeed, water and light are essential for the lawn to remain green and pretty at the foot of a tree. You can also think of ground covers that like shade (helexine, ivy, etc.) and which will form a soft and elegant carpet. Be aware, however, that the lawn is an important competitor for a tree, and specialists advise rather a soil worked with an 'artificial' decoration.

Flowers, fruit!

A very nice idea is to plant daffodils and daffodils around the trunk of the tree, on a more or less large diameter ... This yellow flowerbed is most beautiful effect at the very beginning of spring! But these flowers will not last long because the tree, once again, will give them too much shade in every sense of the term - we can not plant much sustainable at the foot of a tree, better worth loving the ephemeral decoration. We also think of liriopes ... or even, why not, of blackcurrant stalks, currants (at the foot of fruit trees particularly like at the foot of an apple tree). We forget, however, thoughts and primroses, looking for a more modern effect! And why not perennials? Plantes-et-jardins.com offers for example a special assortment "12 perennials at the foot of a tree"; ditto on the Prairie-fleurie.com site. That's enough to brighten up every inch of garden soil.

Mineral, a safe bet

It is the durable and practical solution (goodbye weeding!), The most recommended by gardeners and landscapers: pebbles, slate, paving stone or reconstituted stone. You can thus create very chic color effects, patterns… Choose a clear mineral if the trees are in the shade. There is a little maintenance to plan: it will be necessary to collect the leaves which fall between the rollers for example!

Practical and decorative furnishings

We also like these solutions: a circular bench to be fixed around the trunk creating a place to read, to chat… Be careful to leave a space of about 10 cm between the bench and the tree so as not to hinder its growth. You can also have colored planters and pots in which you can plant the flowers loving the partial shade of your choice. If necessary, you can move them. Finally, following in the footsteps of garden and visual scenographer Camille They, you can push the game to the point of dressing your trees in custom knitted sweaters! All in all, one instruction: be creative! Above all, try several times to find out what is best for the tree in question, its exposure and its soil.

Tests in the city

In large cities like Paris, "different types of vegetation are tested at the foot of trees to improve the urban environment and promote biodiversity". And residents can also participate in the beautification of public space. Thanks : - François Pauly de Jardiland, - Pierre-Alexandre Risser, Horticulture & Gardens landscaper. Our practical gardening videos